Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making life easier

Okay, folks. Random kitchen tip time!

If you bake with honey, you know that it can often be a pain to scrape the honey out of the measuring cup. That last little bit is impossible to get out...or so it seems.

Lately, I've noticed that most recipes that call for honey also call for oil. By accident, I discovered a lovely trick to make measuring honey in those recipes easier:

Measure the oil first!

Use the same cup to measure the honey, and the honey will slide out of the cup like water.

Just a little detail to make life easier!


Mom2fur said...

I've done this...it definitely works!
If you don't have oil in the recipe, I've also heard that running your measuring cup under hot water makes the honey slide off, too.

Michele said...

I do the same thing! :) My lovely jr. high Home Ec teacher passed on this wonderful tip, and I've been doing it ever since.

You have a beautiful blog!

Amber said...

Dear, dear. Do y'all mean I should have known this all along? Well, at least I've joined the ranks of the enlightened now! :)