Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bread, bread, bread

I'm so pleased - it's 8:47 in the morning, and I already have two loaves of bread in the oven, baking. (For those of you who don't bake bread, that means I started the bread at about 6:30...)

They were made using the new recipe I...ahem...adapted. My family votes this one as having good flavor, and good texture. ...With two exceptions; Curtis and I.

Curtis says he thinks the bread is too moist. Can't figure that one out. I was aiming for store-bought-like texture. Maybe he's too used to the sawdust texture I often produce. *grin.*

And I am satisfied with the texture - though I still want to do better next time. My complaint is the flavor. I'm using King Author flour which, out of all store-bought flour I've tried, is the closest to home-ground flour, and it hasn't been bleached, nor has it had the bran taken out.

That's good, nutritionally.

But the bran contains a certain kind of oil, which can go rancid in time. That's why whole wheat bread goes bad faster than white bread. You can slow the process down by storing the whole wheat flour in the refrigerator.

I guess the stores don't know about that, 'cause the whole wheat flour is always stored right there on the un-refrigerator shelves, alongside the white flour.

So, though we store our flour in the refrigerator, it's had time to get a little "sour," while in the store.

That's why my complaint is about the flavor. No one else in my family has said that they can taste it, but I can detect a faint sour flavor in all the bread I make, no matter the recipe.

We used to grind our own wheat, back before the store we bought from went out of business. Now, we have a grinder still, but don't use it. I miss our own flour! ...But I'm thankful that I can still make fairly healthy bread.

...And I can't wait to taste this batch! I plan to take pictures of it, and share the recipe, if it turns out well. This is my third time trying this recipe, and I think I have it how I like it.

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