Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The post I thought about writing, and didn't.

I thought about writing a certain post today.

A post about all my failures and flops in the kitchen.

The idea had all the earmarks of a good post. It would be quite entertaining. It would reveal me as human and full of flaws (as if no one knows that!). It would make the rest of you SO thankful for your dishes. It would make the rest of you so thankful that it wasn't you.


It's much too long of a post for someone who must get other things done today.

To be brief, I shall list a small number of dishes I have broken (minus the stories behind each incident), and then a tip for how to encourage oneself in the midst of such difficulties.

~ A bowl from Mom's wedding shower
~ A glass mixing bowl
~ A slow cooker bowl (is that what you call the stone-ware-thing-a-ma-jiggy that goes in the slow cooker?)
~ Numberless cereal bowls
~ Numberless glasses
~ I cracked glass plates by putting hot food on them
~ I broke Mom's electric coffee grinder by trying to grind chocolate in it.
~ I've cracked plastic bowls by kneading bread dough in them - by hand! (I thought I was safe with plastic!)

...the list could go on. But it won't. I'll stop here.

The moral of the list is this; don't ask me to wash dishes. Or move them. Or touch them.

This list doesn't include all the food I've ruined. Bread particularly. But this is where the tip comes in; get yourself a sister like mine.

"To A, I love your bread. Do you? Love, Lezley"

Wouldn't a letter like that make your day?


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet-what a wonderful relationship you must have with your sister. :-)
I have 2 little girls-a 4 year-old and a 5 year-old-I pray every day that they will always have a loving relationship too. A sister is a special friend for life!
And I wouldn't feel too bad about your kitchen failings- I'm 42 and I still have kitchen failures. (I won't even begin to tell you of all the dishes I've broken!) Lets just say that I recently had to purchase some additional plates and bowls because we didn't have enough left for my whole family to eat meals together anymore! :-P

Sarah said...

How very sweet! You have a precious sister. :) (Though, I am sure that you already know that!)

BarbaraLee said...

You broke all those things in one day? Now your set for life. You want break anything any more.
Don't worry hon. It's part of growing up & life learned.

Amber said...

Thank you, y'all, for the encouragement! No, BarbaraLee, thankfully I didn't break all that in ONE day! That's just a small part of the list I keep in my head of things I've broken in my short kitchen career.:)
And yes, I do have a special friend in my sister. Those of you with sisters know that relationships aren't always a bed of roses; sometimes you get snappy at one another, or you just can't stand the other person - but I'm learning to depend on the grace of Jesus more, and when I do that our relationship blossoms. How much better everything goes when MY heart is right! ...That's when I get blessed by little kindnesses like that letter.