Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Opps - I forgot.

I just realized I never told y'all how the butternut squash turned out! Thank you SO much for the many generous instructions and tips on how to prepare it.

I would say it was a hit. (Well...except for one brother who doesn't like many veggies.)

I decided to bake the squash in the oven, and then scoop out the soft centers. I DID remember to cut them in half and take the seeds out first. :)

They smelled SO good while baking! The outsides became a golden brown, and supper really needed to be put on the table quickly, so I rushed the cooking process a bit - both from the fear that the squash would burn, and the worry that supper would be late.

Because of my rushing, the squash wasn't quite as soft as I think it should have been, but I managed to scoop it out and mash it up into a lovely heap of golden orange goodness.

With a little added butter and cinnamon...Mmm!

Thank you so much for the help - I think butternut squash is yummy!

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Sarah said...

That is wonderful that it turned out so well, Amber!