Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keeping Track of the Time

Whew! What a Tuesday this has been!

I feel as if I've been busy all day. ...Well, I guess I have a good reason to feel that way; I have been busy all day. :)

I spent all morning doing childcare for a group of mothers, and one little guy in particular was really fussy, so I held and walked him for about two hours straight.

Then home for a quick lunch, and to hang clothes out on the line.

Then out to do some shopping with my sister Heather. We've both needed to get some things for quite awhile, but haven't had the time to go out. Today we made time, and I'm glad we did. I think we're both pretty satisfied with the deals we got. Shopping with a sister is always fun.

Then home again - first to do some garden-watering and lettuce-picking with Dad, then to do some sewing on a order I need to complete within a few days. I'm a bit daunted by all I have left to accomplish on that project, but I'm pleased with the progress I made.

A few moments ago, I headed here, to the computer, to see if I can cut open button holes and do computer work at the same time. In just a little while I will need to go help Mom in the kitchen.

All together, though it may not look like much on paper, I feel like I've done a lot today. And that's a good feeling.

But I guess that's beside the point. The real point of this post is supposed to be a kitchen tip I wanted to share with y'all.

I hope I'm not the only person in the world who used to loose my watch constantly. The reason I kept loosing it was because I kept taking it off to wash dishes. I'd leave it on sometimes, but water would splash on it, leak inside, then evaporate up onto the inside of the glass, and I couldn't see the face of the watch.

So then I'd set it on a kitchen shelf, and forget to put it back on...or I'd stick it in a pocket, and then it would end up going to the laundry room...or I'd do something else with it, and forget that "safe" place where I'd stuck it.

It seemed to be a choice between wearing a watch, or being a helping hand in the kitchen. That's an easy choice - I knew I had to wash dishes. But surely there was a way to both have a watch, and a clean kitchen. ...?

Then I started wearing aprons.

...But even then the solution didn't click right away. But one day it did...

Tada! I clip the band around my apron tie, and let it stay there until I'm done fussing in the water.

There's no way I can forget to put my watch back on, because my fingertips always find it as I reach around to untie my apron.

Of course, if you adopt this course, be prepared to have every member of the family ask at least once, "what is your watch doing back there...upside down?"

Just smile sweetly, and say, "oh, it's there so I don't loose it."


Alethea Jordan said...

I love it! And it is so good to be busy. I keep forgetting what it's like because of all that's going on in my life and my parents slowing down. It's wonderful to be busy. And Many people who are wish the had time to stop and sit down a while. Oh! How much they don't understand!

Amber said...

That's a very good point, Alethea Jordan. Thank you for the reminder. I'm thankful for all the things I am able to do.

Anna :) said...

Hey Amber!
I haven't been by here in a looong time...I was just stopping by to say "Hi"! :) That's quite creative, your little watch-on-apron trick. :)
I read a few older posts...and something about picking lettuce, I know you can plant fall gardens, we did, but your lettuce is still going...in October? Maybe I'm just not remembering right. :) Or maybe it's just colder where we live that I can't imagine picking lettuce right now! Dad tried spinach this fall, but to no avail this time. :) We DID get some radishes, though!

Oh, cheery colors on your blog, too! :) Reminds me of spring...how I'm looking forward to it! Yes, already!

Amber said...

Welcome back, Anna - I've missed you. Your cheery comments always add so much here.

Yes, you read correctly; we are picking lettuce here! We had our first picking for supper on Tuesday. (It's from our fall garden, not a continuation of our earlier crop.)The lettuce grows OH so crisp and good in this cool weather. I think it was the best lettuce I've ever had.

The weather here in southern Virginia has only started to feel like fall the past week or so. Where do you live?

Oh - at the risk of sounding smug, I must say that Dad JUST tore out our tomato plants this week. We have the last few tomatoes of the year ripening in our kitchen. Yum!

I'm so glad we did a fall garden this year (it's our first time to try it). The young bright green plants make me think it's spring...and yet the clear blue skies and colorful leaves outside the garden tell me it's not. It's a wonderful time of year.

...But I still look forward to the real spring. :)