Thursday, October 9, 2008


This season of my life is the busiest I've had yet. Folks tell me it will only get busier... but somehow I can't imagine life being any busier. I don't doubt those folks; I just don't have an imagination with that capacity.

Perhaps someday I'll be looking back at these days, and sighing for their "slow pace"...Maybe. :)

But I'm not complaining. ...I think. I want to use these years to accomplish all I possibly can - through Christ - for His kingdom. I like being young, and full of energy, and full of things to do.

And, on the other hand, I don't always feel like I'm busy enough. There's so much to be done!

Today I spent most of the morning cutting, peeling, and boiling a pumpkin, to make more pumpkin butter. I wish there was a faster way to peel pumpkins! Before breakfast I was able to have a nice long reading and prayer time, and even got a little writing done.

I had hoped to do some sewing this morning, but it didn't happen. This afternoon, I need to teach history to three of my siblings, give piano lessons to two of them, take a trip to the library, run another errand, finish the pumpkin butter, make a phone call, and get some sewing done. ...Oh yes - and tidy my room, make a dish for supper, finish a letter, and study Spanish, ...if I have time.

Opps - got to run. The butter is bubblin', and my siblings are waiting.

Ta ta!


all for Jesus said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. I know how you feel when you said "I don't always feel like I'm busy enough." there is always something to do around the house!!
Thank you for posting!
Your Sister In Christ

P.S. I Have not read "A Handmaiden of the Lord" yet, but they look really good.

Leah said...

Sounds familiar :)

Alethea Jordan said...

Hey. "Busy" sounds great to me. At least right now. Although, believe me, I've been there!

Amanda said...

How well I understand! It's nice to know that other girls have the same problems I do: lots to get done, and yet lots more to do! :)