Saturday, October 11, 2008

Simply Put

I like reading the posts written at keeperofthehome every Saturday. "Living Simply." What a lovely phrase!

I thought I'd participate this Saturday, because the topic of simplicity has been on my mind this week. I'm going to share the four words that I keep thinking. They are very simplistic, and probably very obvious, but - hey - they help:

"It will get done."


Now, this only works for me because for me it's true - things will get done...eventually.

You see, if I allow myself to walk around the house, quoting my "to do" list inside my head constantly, worrying about what will happen if I don't cross things off quickly enough...I can become frantic and stressed very quickly.

That is counterproductive. When I'm stressed... ...that's when the thread tangles, or the dishes break, or the spray bottle is lost - in short, things take longer to accomplish, and I have a bad attitude in the mean time.

Why put myself - and the people around me - through all that? It is so much more pleasing to the Lord if I have a good attitude, and it is a better testimony, too.

Now...this won't work if I use that phrase as an excuse to be lazy. That's another point entirely. But it does help remind me like a lady when I'm busy around the house - or anywhere else, for that matter.

I can just move from one task to the next, and let the next tasks wait by themselves until I get to them. Worrying about them ahead of time won't accomplish them any faster.

So that's my simple little phrase, about simple living. To me, however, there's much more in that phrase than what meets the ...uh...ear. It's about the attitude, and that can be a complicated subject. A person could write pages and pages on that topic.

...And I'm tempted to. But that's too lengthy a topic for today. I want to keep it simple, right? :)


Anonymous said...

My aunt had a saying posted over her kitchen sink: Do the next thing. I like that one, too, for focusing on one task at a time. Thanks for sharing your post!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

I like those four words- I might just have to use them myself! It's true. It's so easy to be focused on all the things that aren't done and need to be done, and let ourselves get all worked up and stressed out over things that we simply can't do all at once. Things do get done, and there's no sense being grumpy about it (as I've been known to do!). Great reminder- thanks!