Monday, October 27, 2008

We just got great news!

Remember this?

For those of you who have been readers here for more than a few weeks, you might remember the tale of my family's vacation to North Carolina this summer. One of the highlights I mentioned in the recount was the time we spent labeling this mountain of packages. (The photos don't do it justice; there were 9,185 envelopes.)

Inside these packages were bundles of selected books and other literature. They were being sent to pastors in several states in the lower portion of America.

Tonight, a lady from the church that sent these packages out contacted my sister Heather. The lady said that a pastor from Alabama had called her husband and talked for 20 minutes straight about how much the books had blessed him. He said he had just preached the best revival meeting he had ever had.

"I just thought you would like to know, since you helped label the packages," our friend wrote to Heather.

When Heather read the note aloud to all of us, we couldn't help but smile. Imagine! God can use even menial (but fun!) tasks to bless folks. ...Folks that we'll probably never see...until we get to Heaven. Praise Him!