Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ways to tell I've been busy:

- When my laptop lid has to have dust blown and wiped off before I open it.

- When my email inbox has 75 unread messages.

- When I have to schedule time to get a shower.

- When I haven't written so much as a single letter in 7 days, anywhere; journal, email, snail mail, blog, story-writing. ....(well, does my check registry count as writing?)

- When I haven't sewn a stitch in an even longer amount of time.

So what have I been doing that has kept me so busy?

Putting life back together!

It's good timing, really. I was feeling a little sad, missing Heather since she's been married, and having other things to think about is nice. Hard work has a tendency to make me happy, and I certainly have felt worked when I've fallen into bed each night this week. My biggest project has been creating my own bedroom out of the little bedroom that my younger sisters used to share. They're now living in my and Heather's old room, and I'll be getting their bedroom. I spent about 2 days getting the room clean up and then painted, with the windows and floors also scrubbed. Then I have been spending the rest of the week creating my own little slice of peace.

It's a new thing, for me to have my own room. I hardly know what to think, in a way...and yet it seems very natural. I have always had an itch for interior design, and this is the first time I've had a project to do in that field. I'm letting my creative self go - and I'm taking lots of pictures to share! ....After I share wedding pictures, that is. ;) So much to catch y'all up on!!!!!

I'm hoping to get the room nearly done by Friday. It would be a nice gift. ....For my birthday.

Yup. On Friday I celebrate another year. God is so good to me!


hannah said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Amber! I've enjoyed catching up on your "catch-up" posts this evening. I'm sure the busy-ness has helped a bit with your new adjustments. I'll look forward to whatever you write, whether it is interspersed with wedding talk or not. Thanks also for the reminder to continue becoming wives worthy of the husbands we are trusting God for. :)

Amber said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Hannah; I had a great birthday! Thanks for the comment too; it's always nice to hear from you and Sarah.

...And I WILL still try to post those wedding pictures for you....eventually. :) :)