Monday, May 31, 2010


Wedding pictures arrived this week.....

...but of course I can't share all of them at once. :)

...However, I can share this pre-wedding picture, from when I was working on the bridesmaid dresses:
That blue silk was so rich to work with!

Remember all the talking I've been doing about my new bedroom? I built a new bedstead to go in it, with some help from my brother, Curtis. This was the half-way stage: everything cut, but not painted or put together. The headboard, which is a different color from everything else, is my Mom's, from when she was a little girl. I added on to it to make my bed. I'll share "finished" pictures of the bed later. :)

And guess what I found at the Flea Market last week? A pasta machine; for THREE DOLLARS! I tried it out this week, and had SUCH a blast. Tiffany helped me; it takes four hands to work, because the clamp which holds it to the table is missing. Other than that, it's in great shape.

The spaghetti was delicious! My younger brother Justin said "Wow - that's's, like, real." (This remark I'm afraid was well-earned, by my previous attempts at pasta-making, which turned out noodles which tasted fine, but looked anything like "real" noodles. :)

And...I don't have a picture to go with this bit of news, but we got chickens today! Two of them. It's a small start to the flock we hope to have eventually. They're very cute and friendly.

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