Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Get Away

I just want to say that I was able to spend a lot of extra time in prayer and in God's Word today, and I was reminded how marvelous it is to have a clean slate and to have long conversations with the One I love, and release all the stress and friction and guilt that comes from continuous "putting-off" of those quiet times with the Lord.

I'm not talking about the routine morning devotion time. I'm talking about those special "get alone" times that are longer and deeper, somehow. It's like when a married couple goes away for the weekend to a romantic place far away, and focus on nothing but each other for all of two or three days. Sure, they love one another and pay attention to one another during all the normal day-to-day living, but there's something special about a "get away."

I only discovered the loveliness of those "get aways" recently....or so it seems. In reality, I guess it's been several years, but the time seems short.

Just like the husband is the one who springs the occasion on his wife, so it was with me and my Lord. I didn't come up with the idea to all-of-the-sudden do this. He was the One who taught me about these "get aways." He sent an invitation into my heart, and I thought "yeah, that sounds nice." After the first one, I was left ecstatic. I thought it would last me a long time.

But it didn't. It wasn't long at all before I was hankering for another time alone with Him. I mean a long time alone. Without distractions. (There's so many of those, ya know?)

So they've become a habit. ....Sorta. You see, He's always the One sending the invitation, and sometimes I respond with a "yes, I'd love to!" and sometimes I say "I'm kinda busy right now; can You check back later?"

Yes, even with my dear, kind, Lord, I find it in me to turn Him down. What am I thinking? He's so kind to be constantly inviting me, and yet I will often put off the meeting. Then, when I'm having my normal morning reading time, I have the gall to ask Him to "give me something for the day" or "speak to me in a special way"...when I'm not willing to do what He's been asking me to do! This reminds me of the Song of Solomon. The bridegroom, knocking on the door...the maiden refusing to open...and then when she regrets her words and goes to the door, He's no longer there, so she has to go seeking Him.

I spent a good part of last week and the weekend doing some half-hearted seeking and feeling sorry for myself that I had to do it. I was pretty miserable.

This afternoon I had some "forced" (unplanned) time by myself in a quiet room, away from distractions...for about an hour and a half or so. Guess what? I sought with a full heart.

And - ahhhhh - He was found of me! The rest of today has been wonderful. Nothing spectacular has happened...I just have that closeness back. ...Which is...spectacular.

When was the last time you had a "get-away" with your Saviour? When was the last time you set aside a good length of time to just talk? I had forgotten how marvelous it is, and I want to remind you, in case you've forgotten too;

It's splendid.