Saturday, March 7, 2009

Firsts and Bests

One of the best sounds in the world:
Hinges creaking, screen doors slamming.

Some of the best smells in the world:
Open windows, breezes carrying spring indoors.
Warm earth, wet dirt.
Sweaty bodies, kneeling side by side, planting seeds. (This only smells good outdoors.)
Fresh laundry.
Line-dried bed linen.

One of the best feelings in the world:
Being tired out from digging, digging, digging, planting, planting, planting, under a new spring sun...then going into the shade of a large tree and crashing on the blanket spread there. ...Trying to make every square inch of you come in contact with the ground, soaking up the feeling of the world beneath that blanket. ...Thinking "this is what I am." Dirt. Made flesh. From dust we truly are. The 14 elements found in dirt are exactly the same as the 14 elements found in mankind. ...Feeling the sun on one side your face, and cool shade on the other. ...The breeze kissing your hot cheeks, making a loose curl tickle you. ...The soft cotton of the blanket.

One of the things you always make note of:

The season's first sunburn.

Yup. You definitely notice that.


Sandra said...

Sounds pretty good, besides the sunburn :)

I love it when the wind passes over me and cools me off, and blows my hair all over the place. I feel like God is giving me a kiss, and He's playing with my hair, trying to annoy me in a good-hearted way. Hope you understand that ramble, Amber :)

Amber said...

Yes, I totally understand, Sandra. :)