Friday, March 13, 2009

Because I looked through my blog posts and realized how long it's been since I posted a picture...

...And I decided I'd better post about this jacket, since I've already packed it away with my winter clothes! Today we had a few flurries, but spring is definitely on its way. Every bed in our garden has something in it - all cool-weather plants, of course.

But on to the sewing project.

I bought the fabric - brown corduroy - to make a skirt-jacket set about a year ago. The skirt came together quickly, and I wore it all that winter, but I never made the jacket until a few months ago. I'd never made a jacket before, because I'm not much of a jacket wearer, but I guess I saw a picture somewhere, or someone wearing a jacket, that made me think I'd like to try one.

Here's how it turned out:

To be honest, I'm not sure how often I'll wear this. Even though I cut it out my size, it somehow turned out about two sizes too big. (You can't really see that in the picture.) It's also very warm, and I'm warm-blooded by nature. :) But I like the feminine look to it, as apposed to some jackets, and it does match my skirt. So I'll probably get some use out of it next winter.

I LOVE the lining. Nobody can see it but me, but I like it. The fabric is "okay," but it's the combination of the red, white, and brown colors that I like, as well as the contrast between the cotton and corduroy.

The jacket has over 20 pieces, which I also LOVE. It's like putting a puzzle together. Those complicated patterns are a pain to cut out (yes, I used a pattern to make this), but so much fun to put together! I had a very enjoyable time making this.

So there's my quick sewing post. I'll try to get some more pictures on here sometime soon, as well as finish the post I started yesterday. Oh - and one of you asked for a certain recipe. (You know who you are. :) I'll post that soon, too. Thanks for asking. :)


Sandra said...

Wow Amber, looks really good and classy :)

I think it's so cool that you can make your own clothes and also very talented.

God Bless.

hannah said...

Looks like you did a great job. The brown corduroy is so rich.

Could I ask what jacket pattern you used? I need to find a good one because I also have had some fabric left over after completing a skirt a couple of years ago...I hope they will match after all this time! The fabric is a medium-purple herringbone (polyester, maybe?) and is a little on the flimsier side; would you recommend this pattern for something like that? I am unsure how to go about lining something, but I suppose the pattern would explain that.

Maybe I can come up with something in time for fall. :) I'm still learning as far as sewing goes.

Amber said...

Thanks, Sandra. :) :)


I used this Mccall pattern:

It has since gone out of print - sorry! But they have a lot of similar patterns. I actually added the lining to the pattern; it originally was unlined. If your fabric is flimsy, I would definitely recommend lining it. Your skirt sounds very pretty! Hope you can find a jacket pattern you like. Thank you for your kind remarks on my jacket.