Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Creation

If you keep track of the sidebars on my blog, you know I advertise several Vision Forum Products and keep up with their sales. While we're not on the exact same page in every issue, my family has been blessed by many of Vision Forum's items, and in general we love their stuff.

Being of a frugal mindset, however, and wanting to "do much with little," means that even wonderful things have to be limited in our house. We simply don't have room for every book and DVD we like! (Can't you picture the bookshelves in a dream house?...Miles long....a convenient ladder attached every 10 feet. ...Or better yet, one of those sliding ladders attached to the shelves, to move wherever we want. Whew! Built-in rides for the boys! ...Shelves loaded with every book in every series I love.... I'd get nothing else done. I guess it's good I don't have my dream house.)

But some stuff we just can't resist. Moody Science Classics are one of those things. They're that good. That's why I got excited when I heard of the sale Vision Forum is having on their Moody Science Classics. Excited enough to write a post about it.

We own this set of DVDs, and we love them. They are obviously educational; Mom uses them for science class. They're also entertaining enough to watch "just for fun." Dr. Irwin Moon is the host for almost every DVD, and his style of teaching and narrating is splendid. The series was made fifty years ago. I love seeing the old-fashion computers and 50's style clothing! But from the scientific knowledge these videos transfer, you'd never know they were made 50 years ago.

Get thousands of views into worlds you'll never see with your naked eye! Travel inside a beating human heart, watch crystals form under a microscope, watch a flower open seconds with the power of a high-speed camera, or meet dozens of amoeba swimming in a drop of salt water. Travel to countries you'll never visit in person, and penetrate jungles to watch animals you never knew existed.

Watch all sorts of cool experiments being performed! See bolts of blue electricity shoot with vibrating force from a man's fingertips, see him live for days in a world where everything is upside down...or watch plants and animals going about their amazing everyday lives.

All this and more in one DVD set. The neatest thing is that every DVD focuses on one spiritual question; was the sloth a mistake? No, everything God makes has a purpose. Is it possible for a body to vanish from a sealed tomb? Well, let's study the structure of the atom, and see how a supernatural body wouldn't be hindered by stone. Each DVD ends with Dr. Moon sitting down at his desk with an open Bible and making application to a human life. Fabulous!

All right, I'll try to stop sounding like a commercial. I don't mean to, really - I just think everyone should at least have a chance to watch this series. That's why I'm bringing the sale to your attention. Click on the above banner and take a look! You might just love them as much as we do.


Sandra said...

I think my parents already have this set, or at least some moody science set. I have seen some, they're great!!! I think they're interesting, and cool.

I recommend these to anyone who is a Christian and loves to learn about science in cool ways!! :)

P.S. The house you described Amber sounds PERFECT! I would love living in a house like that, but yeah, I wouldn't get anything else done either, ha ha :]

Esther Zimmerman said...

Love that series!

Stumbled upon your blog from Mrs. Hurzeler's blog roll. =)

Looks like a great blog and I look forward to perusing further.

God bless and have a wonderful Thursday!


Amber said...

Thanks for agreeing with my high recommendation, ladies. :)

Esther Zimmerman, welcome to my blog. Thank you for your kind comment. May God bless you as well!