Saturday, June 21, 2008

Typed with dropping eyelids...

Because I stayed up late last night, reading this book right here...

...I am very drowsy this morning. It's wasn't a good thing to do. (However, I do highly recommend this book! Great for frugal minds, or the wanna Be's.)

But, anyway, I am really too zapped to think of an amazing post. Right now, all I can think of is my "To Do" list, which stretches from one side of our house to the other. (Well, actually, I haven't even written it on paper, but you understand. It's long. At least, it feels long.)

The first thing I plan to do is surprise Mom by washing a pile of dishes for her. She needed to go grocery shopping this morning and, since it's her turn for dishes, the breakfast dishes are just sitting in the sink....calling to me.

Then, I want to finish up at least one of the two shirts I'm working on....because they'd really come in handy this week.

Then, the garden could use a weeding. (It could REALLY use some rain. All our rain barrels are empty now, and we're praying hard that the Lord would see fit to send us some water.)

Then, it wouldn't hurt to tidy the living room...

And if I felt really energetic, I'd start a load of bread dough.

Please, make me feel TONS better by sharing a few things you have to do today - so I'll know I'm not alone. If you are a "drifter," instead of a "lister," let me recommend To Do lists to you. Sure, they seem intimidating at the start, but it really frees up your mind to know exactly what you need to do, and to know when you are done.

And no, you don't need to tell me to cut the staying-up-late-reading habit. I'm working on it! (Not that you could really tell...)

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Sandra said...

Well, my mom is out of town until next Tuseday or Wednesday, so she has asked me to pick up the slack around here. My chore right now is dishes, added with laundry. I haven't really been washing any dishes lateley because since moms been gone, everyone one else has been eating out. I do want to do alot of reading though today, what can I say, I'm a book worm. I also want to study for my GED today, even though it's Saturday, because I really want to get it done with. I should also try and learn some more arabic today. It's probably not as long of a "to do" list as yours, Amber. But there ya go!!