Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home School Conference

Tomorrow is the Virginia Home School Conference. I'm excited, because this year two of my siblings and I have the honor of helping out as volunteers.

Do I have any Virginia homeschoolers among my readers? If so, are you going to the conference? Maybe we'll bump into each other (that would be amazing!) and maybe even figure out who we are, so we can introduce ourselves (that would be even more amazing!).

It doesn't hurt to hope!

While I'm on the subject of homeschooling, just let me say that I am soooooo thankful God has led my parents to educate the six of us children at home. I can't really begin to list all the benefits, but I think I might try! I have some ideas for a "homeschooling" post to write when we get home from the conference. (Or maybe on Saturday instead, since we'll probably get home after 9:00pm.) :)

Stay tuned!

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Tilly said...

I'm a graduated VA homeschooler...does that count? My mom and dad have been going to that conference for about 15 years, and will be there this year. Since we just have our 2yro daughter and (almost) 2 week old son, we haven't started attending yet...perhaps next year! :)