Friday, June 20, 2008


Here's when making pizza becomes extra fun; when other family members get into the act!

Last time I made pizza, I recruited my two younger sisters to help me, which more than doubled the fun I had in the kitchen.

We were feeling mighty adventurous, and ready to try new we baked our pizza on our special pizza stones that I've never been brave enough to try again since the time I baked the pizza TO the stones... And we even tried tossing our dough up in the air, like the professionals do.

Did you know that's a good way to get your dough to fall on the floor? Yup. Good way to have fun, too.

Besides experimenting with the dough, we also tried combining every topping we could think of for pizza; sauce, squash, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, olives, cheese, onions, etc. Our pizza turned out very colorful!

But this post isn't about pizza. It's about family. Kitchens are great places to learn more about your family members...and yourself.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find out how much my sisters have grown up, just since the last time I cooked with them (which wasn't that long ago!). They are getting to an age where they are actually helping me save time in the kitchen!

I had them in the kitchen with me when they were younger. To be honest, it was more time-consuming to have them help me than it was to do something myself. But then I would remember the many times Mom was patient when I was in the kitchen with her, and so I tried to be patient too.

Now I can understand a little of the victorious feeling Mom must have had when I got to the point where I could use the spatula without dumping things on the floor, switch the mixer to "on" without braking it, and chop vegetables instead of my fingers.

Though they are not experienced cooks yet (and who says I am that?) my sisters are starting to blossom into young ladies - and if you remember from an earlier post, the word "lady" means a woman who supplies her family with bread. I'm so excited for them, seeing them begin their journey.

I'm excited for me, too. Though I lost my patience more times than I should have, I can recall a few times I was able to contribute to what Mom was teaching them in the kitchen. That means I had a part in their success.

That motivates me to make sure I have a part in every area of my sisters' lives. I want them to be able to say "Amber taught me to sew," "Amber helped teach me to clean," "Amber helped teach me to be kind," "Amber helped teach me to love Jesus," and "Amber helped teach me to pray."

What better reward could I ask, for the time I take to be with them, than the eternal rewards I'll receive in Heaven, and the smiles on their faces I get right now?

I love you gals!

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