Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Frugal Tip for the Day:

If you, like us, have a garden, and live in a place where you don't consistently receive at least 1" of rain a week, then perhaps you can make use of these water-getting tips.

Don't run up your water bill using the hose! Besides, tap water has things in it that can kill beneficial organisms in your soil. Try these sources instead:

~ If your home is humid, invest in simple dehumidifier, and empty it regularly. The water will be clean and if the room you place it in is really damp - such as a basement - you will be making a significant contribution to your water levels. Of course, the bonus is that you are dehumidifying the room, so you don't have that musty smell, mold problems, or items being ruined from too much moisture in the air.

~ A home with an average-sized roof has an amazing amount of square footage, which catches a stupendous amount of rainwater. Don't let it all drain into the soil around your foundation and go to waste! Trash cans or other similar-sized containers can easily be fixed underneath the downspouts. If you're worried about appearances, just do it on the back of your house, where the containers won't be seen from the road. If you have sheds, barns, and other outbuildings, make use of their roofs' square footage too!

~ No matter where you're getting your water, be sure to put it in the garden early in the morning, when the air is cooler. This gives the water the best chance to soak into the soil without being half-evaporated before it touches the roots. If you water in the evening, and get water on the leaves, you might have problems with fungus growing on them, so be careful.

~ Cover all bare soil around the plants with straw or other mulches, to keep water from evaporating from the soil.

These ideas have greatly helped my family's garden, and I hope they will benefit yours, too. If you have ideas of your own, please leave a comment and tell us about it! We are searching for more ways to get/save water.


RMyers said...

Found you on biblicalwomanhood. . . you have some awesome tips! I will be watching your posts for more ideas. . .


Miss Roxie said...

Do you have air conditioning? At the run off, water will leak from the pipe and runs into the ground. We place a dish pan there. We empty that water into a bucket and use that for watering plants.