Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, since typing my last post, I've thought of lots to add to my To Do list, but I've also checked some things off.


"Kitchen Sink before."
(Ugh. I hate dirty dishes. They look so terrible.)
Are you wondering where the picture is?
Like I said, it was dirty.
Who wants to publish dirty photos on the world wide web?

Kitchen Sink afterwards.

Much better.

It didn't take too long, either, though Mom did get home before I finished the last load.

By the way, thanks to Faith from "The Lily Spring Craft Room," for a comment she left on a previous post:

"One thing I like to do if I'm feeling a bit sluggish or tired is drink a glass of lemon water. Squeeze a lemon, (or half a lemon) into a big glass of water. If I'm in a hurry or we are out of lemons, a couple drops of Lemon essential oil will do the trick. It is very refreshing and will also help to alkalize your body which will give you more energy."

I tried it this morning and, while it didn't magically make up for those hours of sleep I skipped last night, it has helped. Thanks, Faith!

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