Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sunday afternoon....

Four generations of my family together....Sunday dinner...laughter....discussion....

After lunch, Grandpa and Mom wash dishes together. Father and daughter, talking while they work.

Daddy and my three youngest siblings sprawl out on the nearby living room carpet and play a game.

My brother-in-law and the brother closest to me in age sit side-by-side on the plush sofa, heads together over a laptop, deep in a discussion of some sort.

I turn around a dining room seat to face the living room, where Heather cuddles her baby and Grandma sits near by. The three of us bounce from topic to topic, making remarks about whatever is on our minds. Sometimes we just sit.

Heather passes Byron to me. I let him snuggle into my shoulder, and I rock back and forth slightly. Conversation lags. I just enjoy the warmth and weight in my arms. I press my cheek against his soft hair, and hum contentedly.

I suddenly feel so rich. From the sunshine outside, to the radiance within, everything around me is satisfied. I am surround by family. I never dreamed my grandparents would live close enough to come over for Sunday dinners. I never imagined my sister passing me a baby boy that belongs to her. I couldn't have fathomed a brother-in-law who fits so well with our family. I can hardly believe my senses when they tell me my younger siblings have blossomed in such fantastic ways and grown into such fine young folks. All these riches have come to pass in such a short time.

And it's happened to me, of all people! I belong here, with these folks, in this family. I am one of them. They are mine. And I am theirs. This is our world. Who knows how long this golden age will last? No matter how many years, it will be but a vapor when it is passed. And I know that. But I do not think of it just now. For the moment, I am content to bask in the simple joys, and know that God will be just as present in the future as He is in the present.

And all I want to say, Lord Jesus, is thank You.


Hannah said...

Beautiful, Amber. And though your next to last paragraph could have ended it, the last line of gratefulness to God topped it off! Many people don't recognize the Lord's mercies every day and the blessings of family life and instead choose discontentment.

ConstitutionGirl said...