Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swag Bucks: it works!

Search & Win

When I heard about swag bucks, my first thought was "if it sounds too good to be true...."

Y'all can finish that phrase, can't you? Haven't we all been bitten by something that sounds too good to be true ....and is?

But when I thought about this for awhile, this program made sense. Swag bucks is basically a search engine (branched off of google, I believe) that is actually profitable to use. I suppose they make their money off of advertisements, and they must make a bunch, because they give stuff away to people who use their search engine!

If you use the swag bucks toolbar thingy to search the web, every so often (turns out to be around every 8-12 searches for me.) A sign pops up saying "You won 1 swag buck!" or "You won 5 swag bucks!" or "You won 10 swag bucks!" (That's only happened once to me!) You click "return to search" and go on about your business. But the points (or "swag bucks") keep piling up.

When you get a nice tidy pile, you can trade them in for things in the swag bucks online store. Now, please be warned: there's quite a lot of weird stuff in there. I'm don't really care to own most of the things they sell. ....But there's a section of gift cards. And of course I want to encourage them to sell more goody stuff like that, right? :)

I've just earned my first prizes from swag bucks - two amazon gift cards, for 45 points each. I am having so much fun browsing, with "free" money in my pocket, so to speak! I mean, really - earn free books and stuff just for browsing the web like I already do? That's cool!

Why not check it out? Click the above picture, or the link on my side bar. Now, you know I like to be honest and upfront with you: I earn points every time someone who signs up through my website earns points. :) There - I told you. But, really, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't let you in on a way to get free books? *grin*


Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing this Amber, and for being such a good and loyal friend :)

Sandra said...

Hey Amber, I can't sign up because it won't let me!! You know the little box with the letters or numbers in it that they want you to type out for security purposes? The letters have a weird little dash through them that I can't type out, so it says that I'm wrong. How did you do it, or have they changed it since you signed up?

Amber said...

Dear Sandra,
I didn't have that problem at all - perhaps it is just one of those weird tricks computers like to play, and will be gone if you try again later? Sorry you're having trouble!

Sandra said...

It's okay, Amber. I finally figured it out :)