Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Birthday

My sister Lezley isn't the only person in our family with a May birthday. Mine comes three days after hers.

I'm just winding down after a lovely day, and I've been going over the zillions of pictures we took today, and re-living all the happy moments. It's really been a wonderfully blessed 24 hours and, instead of a wordy post, I think I'll just share the pictures which - if each picture is truly worth a thousand words - will quite suffice for a description of my day today.

We went on a picnic lunch and a leisurely hike for most of the afternoon. This place you see is part of the Appalachian Trail, and one of my favorite spots on earth - one at which I've spent many birthdays. Since it's the middle of the week, we had the gigantic park nearly all to ourselves. What beauty surrounded us!

I guess you're never too old for a party or cake and gifts. :) Everyone was so kind, and it was just one of those years when everything I was given was "exactly what I needed!" I have such a generous family, and they have splendid tastes. :) (Yes, in that bottom left-hand picture I am holding a pocket knife on my lap. I love it!! Tiffany and Justin knew I've gotten tired of borrowing the boys' knives when I'm working in the garden or opening packages. I told you they have good taste! Practical, and something I like. Perfect!)

Heather gave me a gorgeous outfit, and wanted to get pictures of me in it. I was more than happy to model for her - I love the new clothes! The skirt is one of the "swishy" kinds that make even a grown up girl want to twirl, and both the shirt and skirt fit perfectly and are so comfortable. Tiffany and Heather were the photographers for these pictures.

Lord, you gave me a wonderful day today, and I thank You for it. I find it a bit scary to think that another year is behind me and I have no promise of the coming one. What have I done for you this past year? What have I been for you this past year? Have I changed in good ways? Have I grown in you? What do you have in my future? I'm glad only You know. Thank you for being sovereign. Thank you for guiding my footsteps and forgiving my sinfulness and mistakes. Help me, Father, to seek Your face this year, and find all my delight in You. Let me fall more and more in love with You, and let Your presence be the light of my life. Let my hands serve others. Let my mind be filled with heavenly wisdom. Let my heart love others. Let my heart be completely Yours. This is my request.

In Jesus name I ask it,


Alethea Jordan said...

I love the pictures of you and Curtis. All your pictures are soo pretty. =)

Happily birthday for the millionth time. =D

Sarah G. said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Amber! (Is that 20 candles I count on the cake? :))

It looks like you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family!

Sandra said...

Happy late Birthday Amber! How old are you now? 19 or 20? :)

Leah said...

Happy belated Birthday Amber! :)
Those are great pictures.