Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goodies from a Booksale

We were vendors at an annual homeschool used curriculum sale today. (We were shoppers, too!) The turn-out was much lower than previous years, but we had fun. I found some great bargains, too! My finds:

~ One book on government
~ One textbook on a subject that interests me
~ Two lovely wooden organization trays!!!!



Aren't used book sales the best?

We sold a lot too, for the amount of people that were there. I love being a saleslady. When I was younger I used to just shyly sit behind the table and give prices if I was asked, but one time I decided to pretend I was a lively chatter-box salesperson and see what would happen.

I spoke up to a gentleman I knew and told him all about the children's slide he was looking at. I told him how much his children would love it, and how lovely it was. Inside I was nervous, but I believe I acted the part well enough that I fooled him into thinking I really was that outgoing. He didn't buy the slide, but he laughed and told me I was a good saleslady.

Now I stand behind the table and chat with everyone who goes by. I don't have to make a sale every time - just make them feel welcomed and get them to laugh. It's so much fun!


Hannah said...

I love deals!

Leah said...

Sounds like fun!