Monday, February 2, 2009

Paul Washer on "A Virtuous Woman"

If you have 8 minutes and 26 seconds, take the time to listen to this.


Leah said...

This is great Amber! I think it is a clip out of his two part series on Courtship.

Sandra said...

This series of sermons are so insightful to listen to and give young people guide lines for everything I can think of concerning this issue. Have you listened to these sermons, Amber? If not, you would really love them. I recommend these sermons to anyone who is young and wants to honor God in their relationships with the opposite sex :)

Thanks for posting this, Amber. Very encouraging to hear =]

Amber said...

No, Leah and Sandra, I haven't listened to the whole series. This is the only part I found. I didn't know there was more - but y'all certainly make me want to go find it! Thanks for the info.

Sandra said...

I think you can find the sermon series on sermon

The name of the sermons is courtship brunch and courtship banquet. Maybe people where eating while he was preaching, I don't know.