Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dad goes in to his workplace in the early morning hours. Sometimes I feel a little jealous of families who get to have their father at home for breakfast, but because of Dad we have a special tradition that those other families can't have.

For as long as I can remember, Dad has called us at home around breakfast time to say good morning. It is a lovely habit. When we were little, we learned how to answer the phone politely by practicing on Daddy. Even before we could talk, we heard Dad's voice on the phone in the morning. We know he will always ask us about our day; what we have planned, how we've done so far, etc.

Quite awhile ago, I decided to make a point of asking Dad every morning if there is anything special he wants me to do that day. At first he would say "just obey Mom," but as time went by he added to that; he would sometimes give me special assignments to carry out. I'm sad to say that I don't always complete them before he gets home that afternoon, but I sure try! It thrills me to do something Dad specifically asked me to do.

Most of the time.

Not this morning.

This morning, ....

...I'm not thrilled.

Phone Conversation:

Dad: " can go ahead and set those seed potatoes out in the sun."
Amber: "Okay."
Dad: "Oh - and that alpaca manure we got yesterday..."

At this point I gulped mentally. Alpaca poop...It's great for the garden...but we discovered that the batch we got is full of white grubs. Those are not great for the garden. Dad says the one thing to do is go through and pick them out.

Dad: "...I dumped some of it into your garden bed before we saw the grubs. You can go ahead and go through it."
Amber: *makes funny noises*

I am hoping something really important happens, so I have an honest reason to delay going out into the garden until Dad gets home. Then maybe he'll show me a easier way to kill those...things...without going through the soil with my gloved hands.




Sandra said...

I feel bad for you, Amber. I wish I was there to help you, just so you wouldn't have to do as much and we could get it done faster :)

Amber said...

Thanks, Sandra! Actually, I only had to touch one today! Dad told me when he got home that he had gone through the soil as he was putting it into the bed, and taken out all the grubs he saw. I'm so glad there was only one left for me to find! (As far as I saw - I sure hope we got them all!)

They look like fat, ugly, white caterpillars. I'm glad you didn't have to meet one. :) But thanks anyway. :)