Friday, February 22, 2008

Pizza, Anyone?

"She looketh well to the ways of her household..." Prov.31:27
What does your family do to bring its members closer together? What do you do? Do you make an effort to reach out and let your family members know that you love them?
What does your family do for good wholesome fun?

Welcome to Family Fridays!

Okay, today's topic is un-original, because I know of dozens of families who do this together: pizza night. But every family does it differently.

My family has had "Pizza Night" on Fridays for as long as I can remember. Every pizza is homemade - "Daddy's Secret Recipe." The sweet smell of warm sauce, the tang of spicy pepperoni, the oilly scent of me, any of these smells = family, fun, and memories.

I have been helping Dad make pizza since I was old enough to put peperoni on the dough instead of dropping it on the kitchen floor. Recently I have been taking turns with Dad - some weeks he makes it, other weeks I make it. I recently calculated that I've made 128 pizzas in the past four months! (Don't worry - our pizza is healthier and cheaper than store-bought pizza.)

On a side note - have you ever had three or four people around one table, all trying to put pizza toppings on pizza at the same time? Ah, memories!
Pizza alone wouldn't make a pizza night. We also always include an activity. Often our choice is a movie - wholesome, family-friendly, and God-honoring, of course. Other times Friday is "Game Night" - we eat, and then spend the rest of the evening challenging each other to board games. This is fun because it's one of the few times all eight of us actually take time out "just to have fun."

And, of course, like other weeknights, the evening isn't complete without family devotions. Then it's off to bed so we can wake up on Saturday ready to work hard!

So what does your family do to pull closer together in a world that is increasingly trying to drive families apart? Make an effort! It's worth it.

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