Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm busy, busy, busy! Tomorrow The King's Strings plays at a festival in a small town some distance away from us.

For some time, we've been working on getting matching outfits. I volunteered to take care of making the shirts/ironing on the logos. This performance is our deadline.

Shirts. For 11 players.

What was I thinking? Was I thinking?

Okay - I'm joking. I'm actually have fun doing these shirts. I'm glad the rest of the group is letting me do them. ...But I am definitely feeling the pressure as time ticks away and I still have 6 shirts to finish.

I'm also feeling the pressure of expectation. We found out recently that this festival has been featured on the front page of their local newspaper, along with a photo of The King's Strings. Underneath the photo, amongst descriptions of other attractions there, is the following:

"...Music will also fill the air on Franklin Street. The featured group is The King's Strings from Goode. Band members range in age from early teens to early 20s, and they play bluegrass and gospel, bluegrass style. They will be performing at 11 a.m. on the porch of Basket Creations."


It's strange, ya know. I get SO excited when we get an opportunity to play somewhere. But then I start hoping nobody has too high of expectations of us. After all, we're just amateurs. ...Well, most of us are. Some of our players are quite good. But some of us are just...well, normal.

I said at lunch today that we're Amber-tures. (amateurs) My poor brother, Curtis, the king of good jokes, nearly cried. :):):)

I get afraid, sometimes. Not of performing, exactly...I LOVE that. It's just fear of what folks think of us before we play compared to how they think after we play.

But is that right? Who are we playing for, anyway? Sure, we want to be good at what we do - but WHY? Why is it so important what folks think?

Am I remembering "...playing strings for the King of kings; we are The King's Strings"? Am I wishing that God would make me an expert right away, without going through the growing process of learning to play well?

Oh how fun that would be! Wouldn't it be nice to do something right the first time, without falling on your face, getting up, and trying again?

But what would I learn through that? I know what I'd learn; self-pride and self-reliance. And I'd miss out on the character-formations that happen in the learning process. Do I really want that?

Sigh. No, I guess not. Not in my heart of hearts. But it's tempting, sometimes.


Anna said...

Oh wow that is really cool! We just had our first event earlier this week. We played at the local Baptist church's revival. (we don't go there but its really small and a lot of the people that go there are our neighbors) That was really fun! We've never play very much together especially with our Dad, and it was great! Its me (fiddle) and my two oldest brothers (banjo and mandolin), and my Dad (guitar). We just need a bass player to fill out our band, and Mom is getting ready to learn that! and none of us sings extremely well, but when we all sing together in harmony, it sounds pretty cool! And in a few weeks we're going to play at a craft fair alongside another band we know.
Ok...long comment, but oh well! I'm just really excited! =)
And where you're playing isn't up near us is it? I might come if it is! (like north of Charlottesville)

Ruth Ann said...

Go with God, with the intent of glorifying Him, and all will be well. We still have to have a bit of that apprehension I think to keep us dependant on God, because without Him we can do NOTHING. *smiles*