Monday, August 3, 2009


My sister, Heather, has half-threatened to hack into my blog and become a guest poster if I don't make this announcement myself, so here it goes:


Actually, I'm quite excited about the whole thing. We are selling new and gently-used modest clothing, and everything is under $10.00!!!!! (I like that part a lot! Who doesn't like to give folks a good deal?)

Heather and I have just about always loved entrepreneurial things, and this is the biggest business idea we've tried together. I wish I had time to tell you the whole story about how we acquired this business, and how God led us each step of the way. We're convinced this was His idea before it was ours!

We are excited about the fact that we can encourage women in modesty while helping them find the clothes that are so difficult to find in today's stores. It's one thing to tell people to dress modestly. It's quite another thing to help them do it!

It's been so much fun to be in business with my sister. We are great partners. I do the computer "tecky" stuff, and she packs orders. She also handles the advertising - a talent I'm sadly lacking. *grin* We both do the shopping together! Folks must think we're a little crazy when we go nuts over finding a lovely skirt that still has the tag on it...for a great price. "Oooh, look - here's something for our site!"

Our online selection is growing every week (and there's lots more waiting to be posted on the site, as soon as I get the time to put them on!) As fall approaches (yikes, where'd the year go?) we have been finding all sorts of cute fall skirts and cardigans for the new season (a lot of those skirts are waiting to be posted, and are coming soon, I promise!) There are lots of summer items still on there, too. We'd love to have you stop by and visit us! With everything under $10.00, it can't be too dangerous to stop by, can it? :)


Meredith Ivy said...

I hope y'all are very successful, Amber! It's a great business idea and your website looks very professional.

Leah said...

Oh Amber, I'm excited! I signed up right away for the newsletter and look forward to stopping by often. What a great idea, and your website is so pretty! I'll pass it on.