Monday, December 1, 2008

It's December!!!!




Where did this year go?

I know, I know - everyone says that! ...But I really feel that way! Where did the time go?


Christmas time!!

Our family usually takes a break between Thanksgiving and Christmas; we don't decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. Maybe it's a small effort to make the month of December seem longer. :) But this year, I'm eager for Christmas time. I'm throwing myself into planning gifts, planning baking sprees, smelling cinnamon, reading the gospels, looking for snow, locking myself away in my sewing area to work on secrets...

...And I'm also reminiscing a little. This morning, I've been looking over pictures from this year...

I'm glad this one is a memory only!

Touring in Ashville this summer (Heather on the LEFT, me on the RIGHT)
Note: I had this posted for
days as "Heather on the RIGHT, and me on the LEFT." How come y'all who know me in person let me get away with that? :) :) :)

On my birthday in May, with Lezley, my youngest sister

Our menfolk working hard on the kitchen ceiling this summer

The garden!!

On a picnic with Dad in ...August, I think

Memories. :):)

Oh yes - by the way, my sister Heather has taken to writing fairy tales. :) Not really. They're actually quite real. But with a princess and a castle in the story, that makes it a fairy tale, right?

My favorite part is about the liquid feast and the castle workroom - full of carpenters and blacksmiths - that only certain royal guest are allowed to view.

Have I confused you yet? I hope I've gotten you curious enough to visit Heather and read the story. I told her she needs to consider writing children books. Do you agree with me? :)

In any case, the story will let you know what Heather's been up to lately!


Alethea Jordan said...

Yes, I totally agree. I love the pictures, especially the one of you and Heather. And the one of you and Lezley. =\ I like them all! =)

December. I can't say it seems like a short year. Then again, it doesn't feel like a long year, either. =( Just because of all that's in my life. But hey. Whatever. We'll have to get together to do some baking! That would be sooo much fun! I've been praying that it would snow on Christmas eve, even just enough to put a white sheet on the ground. =) Anyone want to join me?

Amanda said...

It *is* hard to believe that we're already in December!! It makes me stop and think, "What have I done for the Lord in this past year? Is there anything worth remembering in the past eleven months?"
I read the "fairy tale" by Heather - very cute! I'm glad she came through it okay!