Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I just had to add this;

You know that cake I baked this morning? I had to run down to the grocery store on the corner for some ingredients.

Mom let me drive the big red van.

By myself.

Well, okay - my younger brother Curtis was with me, sitting in the front passenger seat. And I had driven the van once before. But still, I thought it was kinda cool.

As we were coming out of our road entrance, a huge semi-truck blinked his turn signal, and I realized that he needed to turn onto our road. (We have a small factory on our road.) The road isn't very wide - it's an old residential street, after all! - and I wasn't sure if our van and that truck could pass one another.

Problem solved; he waited for me to come out and get in the lane where I had been heading. I maneuvered into position just fine, and felt rather good about it, too.

I did notice a strange look on the truck driver's face, however. You see, despite being out of high school and all, I am still mistaken for being a young teen quite often. I had to convince the ladies at the polls this year that I was old enough to vote, for instance.

So...do you usually see young teen girls driving big 15-passenger vans? Isn't that reserved for homeschooling moms and dads?

I had to chuckle at the looks I got. Fun.

Anyway...to the point of this post:

Often - most of the time, actually - when Mom takes me shopping with her and we've only stopped in for two items, I follow her around the store, wishing she didn't do this;

"Do we need more of this?"
"Oh, this is on sale - I think I'll get some."
"I forgot we need this - good thing I remembered."
"Let's see...there was something else I needed..."
"Should I get that?"

And I'm thinking "Mom, please, can't we just come in, get the two things on your list, and come back out? Just once?"

Guess what I did in the store today?

I listened to myself do exactly what Mom does!!! Oh dear.

I mentioned this to Curtis on the short drive home, and asked if he'd noticed me talking exactly like Mom.

"Yes, but I just thought it was a female thing."

I wasn't sure how to reply. :):):)


( : Anna : ) said...

Thats funny! :) I haven't noticed that I've gotten too many strange looks, but I am one of those "young teen drivers" that drives "15-passenger vans" :) Isn't driving fun?! :)

Amber said...

Yes, Anna, I love driving our van. :)

Amanda said...

I also enjoy driving our 15-passenger. I haven't noticed any funny looks, but maybe I'm just too concentrated on the road. And the grocery store incident sounds very famililar... :)