Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Please Have Mercy

I hope you miss me.

But please be patient. You have no idea what life is like right now.

In 5 short weeks, somehow I've managed to schedule the following:

- 3 Weddings (1 out-of-town)
- 3 Wedding rehearsals
- 8 Dresses to be finished (6 of them bridesmaid dresses, with all but one having 27 pieces each)
- 2 Wedding Showers (1 hosted by me)
- 1 Day-trip to a conference (can't wait!)
- Time to practice wedding music (when?)
- Typical bridesmaid duties (honors, really!)
- 1 Vet appointment
- 1 Chiropractor appointment
- Shopping for wedding showers
- Hopefully helping 1 friend move
- ....And normal life duties, like running two home businesses, taking care of my puppy, doing the dishes, going to church, and trying to find time to work on my book manuscript.

I'm thankful to be involved in each of these things (except maybe the dishes. :) - especially the weddings. So exciting! But my time is VERY tight right now, and when I do get free time, I spend it on other things....requiring less thought than blogging.

But I thought I should pop in and let you know what's going on.

What's happening in your life right now? I know y'all are a bunch of busy, hard-working ladies! I'd love to hear about your adventures and projects!


Amanda said...

Thanks for "popping in" to share what's going on - I haven't even done that much for you! But I do think of you often; we'll catch up one of these days! :D

Canongirl Photography said...

Wow! You guys sound busy!! =)
However, I'm very glad your family came to the FEW conference!! It was so nice to meet you!
-Katie Wilson