Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've seen it done before.

Many times.

The girl starts a blog in her mid-to-late teen years. She blogs avidly, on every topic that catches her fancy. She posts often. She posts energetically.

Then life starts to get busier. For awhile, she posts even more often, trying to explain to the world how revolutionary this new concept of busy is, and how the "busy" that she used to complain about really was sunshiny childhood, and not true business at all.

Finally, when the posts have dwindle into the rarity of a worm in a chicken pen, she announces to her few remaining loyal readers, "I've had enough. It's plain to see that I can't upkeep a blog and live at the same time - not in this season of life, anyway. It's not fair to my readers. I am shutting down my blog for now. I'll return in a later season of life; when I have more time. (Whenever that that mysterious and golden time of life is.)"

About that point, I feel like plunging my hands through the computer screen, grabbing the said blogger by the throat, and screaming, "What are you thinking?!?! You can't leave now! I was just starting to like you! You've become a friend - how can you walk out on me? How can you upset my routine this way? I demand that you continue to blog!"

Yes. Many times. Many blogging friends have disappeared...sadly. I miss them.

That being said...

I'm determined that I won't put any remaining readers of this floundering blog through that kind of wistful sadness. I'm stubbornly refusing to admit that I really don't have time to blog. Because you know what? I bet you "really don't have time" to read my blog. But you do. And I love it. We encourage each other.

We're gonna make it through this crazy time of life, and we're going to make it through together - even if we talk less often. I'm not going anywhere, Lord willing.

Not to imply that anyone who quits blogging - or reading - is somehow less together or somehow less time efficient. Even though I get mad at them, in my heart I take my hat off to the ladies who know when to evaluate their priorities and call it quits for anything that is not necessary to reach the goal. They're an amazing breed. I applaud them. And if you have to do it, by all means do it. Even if it means I lose a reader.

Who knows - someday I may reach the point where God tells me, "that blog of yours is not profitable to you anymore. Set it aside and pursue a new path." I hope that if that time comes, I can obey with as much stubbornness as I'm using right now in facing my time shortages.

But, for now, with all my quirks and oddities, I'm sticking with ya.

So I hope you're set for a bumpy ride.


Naomi said...

I'm very happy that you aren't quitting the blogging world! Your blog has encouraged me and I've learned lots of cooking and sewing tips from you.
Thanks for still blogging : )

julia said...

I hate it when bloggers do that to us : )

ConstitutionGirl said...

I know what you're talking about. I sometimes feel like I'm one of those bloggers who is abandoning the blog, but I know I'm not... even one post per semester, is something, right? ;) Thanks for this post. I always look forward to reading your thoughts.

Deb said...

That's good to know...that you're sticking with us (for now that is). Because I would miss you. My girls got me hooked on reading after we met you. Hope you blog for a long, long time! ~ Mrs G

Amber said...

Yay! Thanks, ladies! Y'all made my evening. It's been awhile since I got 4 whole comments in one day. :) Now I really want to blog more. :)

Jenny P. said...

I'm glad your still around. I don't often comment, but love reading. You make me think :)

SavedGirl said...


Yah! Thank you for not leaving! I love reading your posts. You have been such a encouragement to me. I've missed hearing from you, but no matter what I make the same promise to you, "I will stick around as a reader of your blog as long as you stay as a writer!"