Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In which I talk to myself

Oakley Avenue was beautiful this afternoon.

I was driving home from an outing, and my mind was filled with random thoughts. Some of them were lovely, some were just plain crazy, but I thought you might care to "listen in," and perhaps share some of your own random thoughts of today.

1st thought: "Do you know how stupid it feels to shut your own hair in the car door?" (Just for the record, I don't like using the word "stupid" to describe things in general conversation, but since I'm recording my thoughts I've got to be honest about what I thought!) I shall refrain from sharing the story that sparked this particular thought.

2nd thought: This was more of a deep breath than a thought. It was a feeling....it was poetry inhaled. Oakley Avenue is lined with trees that are loaded with blossoms in April. I don't know what kind of trees they are, but they remind me of cherry trees.

Piles of petals lay heaped in the ditches, in various shades of soft pink. I wanted to scoop up handfuls and squeeze them, sure that a pale pink juice would come forth, of strongest, sweetest scent, and a pale, wild, but joyous flavor....tasting the way liquid light must taste. When the breeze tumbled across the roads and parking lots every few moments, I wanted to jump from the moving van, abandon all sense, and wade in the scurrying sea of pink. Every parking lot was a rippling sea of baby-pink confetti. Waves of pink formed and disappeared too fast to be seen, yet I knew I had seen them. Showers of petals filled the air, like a heavy snow storm. Some things are so beautiful they hurt.

3rd thought: "It's amazing that my little size-9 foot can make this bulky van move!" Every thought about that before? One human foot. One huge machine. The machine ought to win. But it doesn't. I boss it around with my single foot. I propel it forward with a foot. ....And, even more astounding, I can stop this incredibly-fast-moving thing with one foot!

4th thought: "Do you know how hard it is to sneeze while keeping your eyes on the road?" You can't.

5th thought: "I can't wait to get home and write a blog post about petals, sneezes, feet, and hair. They're going to think I'm crazy."


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!I LOVE IT!The last thought was
the best.


Unknown Artist said...

I give this post 2 thumbs up! It was just awesome. Really. It was.

Alethea Jordan said...

As if we didn't think that before...haha! JK. How are things going? I bet you're busy! I wish you'd drop me message and let me know how it's going! Love ya!