Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I missed it.

Yesterday was The Fruit of Her Hands' second anniversary, and I missed it.

I've been watching the calendar for weeks, now, and when the day actually arrived I was so busy I didn't even notice.

It's been a great 2 years here at The Fruit of Her Hands. I've loved it, even if no one else has. I enjoy my blog as a spot to putter away at the keyboard and let some thoughts out, a place to post memories of little things I might forget next month, a place to get up on my soap box every once in awhile.

But I like best the chance to meet so many wonderful people. I'm convinced I have the kindest group of readers of any blog on the web. Y'all are that great. (If you're new here and don't believe me, just read back through some of the comments in my history!) Of course, even if you're new here, you're a part of that group of great readers. :)

Anniversaries are a good time to step back, evaluate how things are going, and set new goals.

I've found out that my blogging time has decreased a little this year. I'm okay with that, because I'm getting other (more necessary) things done (though I feel bad for those of you who tell me you want more posts!). I've also seen that my topics have shifted around a little bit. I can see, even if no one else has noticed, glaring evidences that I've been without a good camera for a good portion of this year (aka: lack of pictures), and many of my project "show and tells" just haven't made it to the web. :( :( I'm not so "okay" with that, but I do hope to fix the problem eventually.

I've gained some readers this year (whoopee!!!!!) and have gotten to know old ones better (whoopee again!)

Goals for this year? To post more "project" posts. To challenge myself spiritual with what I write. To mention the gospel more often. To be more uplifting to fellow sisters in Christ. To reach out to my readers more. To see this blog as less about "me" and more about the Lord. To be able to look back on my 3rd anniversary and see a girl who's done a lot of growing. To become a better writer. To depend more on God in everything. To blog as an outreach, not so much an out-pour.

I'll start right now. Let's hear from YOU. :) (You knew it was coming, right?) What blogger doesn't ask to hear from their readers on their anniversary? I think it's all just a clever way to get a lot of comments. :) I don't want comments for comments' sake. I just plain want to talk with you! Shall I list you by name? (That's the great thing about having a smallish list of readers; I know your names!) I'm very tempted to do so....the only thing that keeps me from it is the fear that my memory may fail me on some names, and then I'll hurt somebody's feelings 'cause I left them out. But rest assured; I could probably list your name. ...If, that is, you're not a lurker. If you're a lurker, I beg you to de-lurk! (And I promise not to embarrass you. :)

Oh yes - and this is a day I get to tell you what to write in your comment, too, right? I think last year I asked for your favorite Bible character. This year I'd like to know what you are; a seamstress, a baker, a cook, a gardener, a writer, a big sister, ....what is it we have in common? Or do you not do any of those things, but just hang out here for the novelty of it? :)

I think it will be fun to hear what we all have in common with one another...and if there's something that makes you TOTALLY different from me (for instance, you can't stand home cooking), then feel free to share that too. :) :) :) :)

Before I end, I must tell you all how thankful I am for you. I wouldn't write without readers. It just isn't fun. You make this place possible. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for a wonderful year!


Ruth Ann said...

what am I? oh yes, but the list is long.

I am a Child of God, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, photographer, seamstress, baker, cooker, keeper-at-home. and the list could go on... =)

I enjoy reading your blog Amber! Thanks for sharing what you do.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog anniversary! I love reading your posts even though I rarely comment. :) I seems that we think and believe a lot alike.

I'm a writer, (historical fiction or screenplays). I also am a cook, and I like to hear about other people's sewing projects, (mine don't always make it to completion).

Thanks for all your encouraging words. I've been reading for a year and a half and hope to read for many more years.

Caitlin said...

Hi Amber!

I've been following your blog for almost two years now. I enjoy reading it! Yes, I am one of those silent lurkers. =)

I am a photographer, sister to eleven, and musician.

I love the diversity of your posts. There is always something different and exciting to read about!

~ Caitlin

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Amber!!:o)

I am a big sister, a mother, a homemaker. I like to cook and do embroidery and cross stitch and I can sew a little bit - no wedding dresses or bed quilts for me - I stick to small stuff like potholders.

I too enjoy reading your blog and hope to read for another year or more

Anna said...

I'm a sister to 4 brothers, homeschooler, musician, seamstress, and Beloved of the Most High God.

Amber said...

Oh, but this is fun!

Ruth Ann, I could tell when you first started commenting that we have a lot in common. :) Thanks for always being so uplifting in whatever you write!

Marie, I love the fact that you're a fellow writer! Maybe someday I'll have to move "writing" into my list of blog topics. :) And it's nice to know I'm not the only person whose projects don't always make it to completion. :)

Caitlin...hellooooo!!!! Thanks for de-lurking. I have this feeling that a lot of people don't do that, even when you ask them to. :) Thanks for saying you like my "diversity;" sometimes I worry that it's more confusing than anything else. :) ... And, wow; sister to ELEVEN! That's SO cool! I love big families. :) Are you in the lower half or upper half of the siblings? (aka; big sis or little sis?)

Angelique, I don't remember if you've ever mentioned before that you sew a little bit, but I think I could have guessed it. :) You just seem like a seamstress. I bet you're much better than you let on. :) Thanks for being one of my readers. :) :) :)

Anna, aren't brothers great? :) I love that last item you put on your list, as well. Isn't it wonderful to feel beloved? :)

hannah said...

Happy anniversary a bit late!

I am a Christian daughter and sister, Virginian, cook, gardener, photographer, quilter, music lover, etc, so I love to read your thoughts on these topics and more. You have a way with words and give honor to God, and I'm glad my sister directed me to your encouraging site. :)

SavedGirl said...

Dear Amber,

Congratulations! I am sorry it took me so long to comment but I tried a couple days ago, had the whole comment written, and then the internet went out right as I clicked the post button. Sigh.

I actually had my 2nd blog anniversary a few days after yours. Thank you so much for taking the time to write on here, I really enjoy sitting down and reading your posts.

Here's my list,

I am a child of the King, I am the youngest child of three at 15, I am, a writer(I write fiction, sometimes historical, sometimes random, once I wrote a story based on a picture :) ), I like to sew but am not as diligent as I should be, I am a babysitter, and a reader.

Thanks again I have been reading for probably about a year now, I found your blog from a comment you posted on Life in a Shoe (I LOVE that blog).


Amber said...

Hannah; thanks for encouraging me. I am glad your sister directed you here, too!

Lulu; thanks for all your comments. I'm glad you found me! I like Life in a Shoe too. Doesn't she have the greatest sense of humor? :)