Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Secret is Out!

I'll admit it; there's been something going on in our lives that I haven't told you about.

I've wanted to tell you about it. ...But it wasn't really the right time.

I have a friend - a really good friend - who loves the Lord with all her heart. He has shown His love for her, too; He's directed her steps throughout her life, and blessed her with a beautiful smile, a generous heart, and a wonderful plan for her life. He's led her through trials that have perfected her character, and influenced everyone around her.

This friend and I have grown up together, and I love spending time with her. It's her name that's on my lips when someone asks me who my "best friend" is.

But girls don't stay little girls. That part of our lives is left behind now. We've gone through childhood together, into young adulthood, and are so excited to see the Lord directing our steps as we grow older.

And I've done a lot of watching lately. Our dear Heavenly Father has been transforming this friend of mine into a precious young woman, and He has been showing her what His plan for her life is.

In short, He's brought into her life the man she will work alongside 'til death parts them.

The journey has been fascinating to watch. God's hand has been so clear, so loving, so exciting. The young man is the perfect match for my friend, and they make a complete team together. They have both grown in faith, in love, in kindness, and everything else good.

I've been on my own journey too - only mine has been more internal than external. I've truly realized that there is a human relationship higher than all other human relationships, and that it mirrors the love Christ has for His bride. I've realized that I have to grow up whether I want to or not, and I've learned that Christ wants me to face the future and meet it head on, joyfully, full of energy, and full of faith.

You know what? He's faithful. He gives you the grace to meet new things, new changes. He gives you joy when you weren't expecting to feel joyful. He amazes you.

And so I'm allowed, by the grace of our wonderful, precious, Lord, to make an announcement with a heart full of joy, and with a face that looks toward the future with faith and loads of excitement:


Heather and Eugene are the dearest couple you could ever hope to meet. Their courtship has been a rippling stream of joy - a few pebbles in the way, but no waterfalls. They have trusted the Lord and sought His guidance at every turn, and He has rewarded them.

The pictures I've posted above were all taken during Heather and Eugene's courtship this year. (They started courting near the end of the summer.) I don't have their engagement photos on my computer yet, but they look great. :)

Eugene fits into our family better than any custom-made brother-in-law or son-in-law we could have designed. We are excited about him truly becoming part of the family, but, honestly, he's been a part of the family for months now. :) :) :) We love him!

We all first met when he joined our gospel bluegrass group, The King's Strings as a banjo and dobro player, ....and what better introduction could he have had? He and the musicians in our family spent a lot of time together playing music and passing out tracts at the flea market this summer.....and the rest is history.

Needless to say, this news in our family has taken up a lot of our thoughts, and so now you know one major reason I haven't been posting as much the past couple of months. We are busy now, planning a spring wedding, but I hope to be on The Fruit of Her Hands more frequently, Lord willing.

It's been a joy to write this post because I know you dear ladies will rejoice with me. God bless you all!

P.S. I love you, Heather, and I'm so happy for you!!!!!!


Ruth Ann said...

{{happy happy happy}}

So exciting news!

Melanie said...

How wonderful!!! Congratulations to your sister!! :-D

Heather said...

I do believe the secret is now out! :) I love you my dear sister! :)

Sarah Jane said...

I am so very happy for your sister and your family!! What a wonderful blessing! Congratulations!!!!!

Leah said...

Oh how exciting! Praise the Lord for the way He works!

hannah said...

Congratulations to your family on this looking forward to a new household forming. I can understand better now some of your comments from the past several months...:)