Monday, January 25, 2010

If you loved "The Bethlehem Star," you'll love this too!

It's time for another video recommendation! This one I found by purposely searching for it; I remember watching something very similar to this when I was very little, and when I was reading through Exodus earlier this month, I wanted to find the video again.

I didn't find the exact video I was looking for, but this one is close. Be forewarned; I find the narrator's voice monotonous, but if you can get past that and listen to the facts she states, it's AMAZING. Remember finding out all that cool stuff, if you watched "The Bethlehem Star"? (Which I highly recommend, by the way.) Get ready to get excited again. Some of the stuff on this video is speculation, but the vast majority of it is pictures and videos of real locations in the middle east; things you will see for yourself.

Wanna hear about (and see!) chariot wheels found under the Red Sea?

How 'bout a mountain in Arabia that has a top that is burnt black...with no modern explanation?

Or would you like to see the remnants of an ancient altar at the foot of that altar whose origin the nomads don't know, and an altar that has pictures of calves graved in the rocks of which it's built?

Or would you like to see a huge rock in the wilderness of Arabia; a rock that is split in two, with water erosion marks coming out from that crack?

Are you curious yet?

Take the time to watch this first clip. (Just so you know, it gets better the farther along you get. It isn't until you get nearly to the end of this first clip that things start rolling.) Part 2 can be found here, and you'll see links to the rest of the parts from there.



Melanie said...


I watched the first four parts; it is VERY interesting! Still need to finish it. Thanks for posting it. :-)

~Melanie :-)

Anonymous said...

What a neat set of videos! It was fascinating to imagine the Israelites travelling through that route - Thanks for sharing! :o)