Monday, September 14, 2009


Today was a long day and a short day.

Short because not enough good things filled it, long because too many unnecessary ones did.

I feel like crying...yet smiling. On the outside, it's been an okay day - I accomplished a few things, and nothing majorly terrible happened. Just inside the surface, inside me, it's been an awful day. I've given way to temptation, I had little time to read my Bible this morning, my prayers have been muddled, and I've been lazy.

So inside, I feel awful.

But farther in - deep inside - there's a song. It's soft, and the notes tremble as they bounce off the walls of my heart, but they are there. It's as if they know they have not earned the right to be there, but they can not help ringing forth because of Who made them, and Who placed them in my heart to do the very thing they are doing.

It's a marvelous thing, this Christian life. He's a marvelous Being, this God of mine. He comforts me in the oddest of circumstances - the dirtiest ones, the least deserving ones.

There are times I wish I could see Him in the flesh, so that I might fall down and wash His feet with my hair. Then I think I would kiss them.

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Elise said...

How lovely to hear that song... keeps you going I expect ? Have a lovely weekend