Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We had a very funny supper last night.

Unfortunately, Dad missed out on it. He's on a temporary change of work shift, so we've been sorely missing him in the evenings (but enjoying his company for breakfast!). So he missed the funny supper.

It was so funny it was almost awful.

What makes it awful is I can't even tell you what was so funny. The food was fine, the kitchen perfectly normal, and ourselves as normal as we ever are. I was enjoying eating with the family after being sick for so long.

But somehow we got laughing about something. ...And one thing led to another, which led to another, which led to another....You know how it is. Soon we were laughing too hard to eat, and begging Curtis and Justin (our dear main source of amusement) to "stop!" so we could control our laughter. It was one of those good, rolling, unrestrained-laughter times when a good laugh is as satisfying as a meal. :) (No, it's not exactly dignified for the supper table, but OH so fun!)

I won't even try to recount the evening's conversation for you. It won't work. But I did think I'd share what my youngest sister, Lezley, said when she glanced over at Mom, who was shaking with laughter, tears running down her face.

"Mom, I looked at you and your face looked just like Grandma's. I thought you were Grandma hiding inside of Mom's skin!"

Oh - and one more sibling quote.... A few days ago Heather, Curtis, Justin, a friend of the family, and myself were working together on a project, and of course we were chatting as we worked. Someone brought up jokes that play on the amusing differences between men and women, and then someone asked the question; "why do men die sooner than women?"

Serious as could be, Justin solemnly answered; "Because women do the cooking."

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Sandra said...

I'm glad you enjoyed dinner so much. I didn't know you were sick though, maybe that's why you haven't been e-mailing me. I love what Lezley said, so cute. I wish I had younger siblings sometimes.
But what Justin said is not right. So not fair!!! :)