Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why I Don't Really Care that I'm Still At Home

I spent some time the last few days doing the Forbidden Activity.

I compared myself to others.

First, I thought about various friends, and how their lives have changed over the past 5 years.

...This friend is now married. ...That one now has children. ...This one is expecting. ...This one is married and expecting. ...That one just finished college. ...This one graduated from high school last year. ...This one changed from being a girl to being a young woman. ...This one moved to a new city. ...This one traveled the world. ...This one went on a missions trip. ...That one started college two years ago. ...This other one started a new job. ...That one gained two new siblings. ....

This list goes on. They all seem to have fascinating changes happen in their lives. They have gone somewhere in the last five years. They have grown, had experiences, become richer in their lives.

Me? I felt pretty boring. What have I done? How have I changed? How have I gained? I'm still doing the same-old same-old.

There are two side to that feeling.

#1 - Falsehood. I know, when I'm honest with myself, that I HAVE had experiences the last five years. I've traveled a little bit. I've met new people. I've tried various ways of making money. I've been given new responsibilities. I've become crazy busy, keeping up with my expanding sewing business. I've helped with lots of things at church - children's choir, banquets, etc. I got to be on staff at a ministry for a few months.

#2 -  Truth. I haven't done as MUCH as I would like in the past five years. No matter how busy I get, I stay the same person, living in the same place, with the same work, and the same responsibilities. Sometimes I feel like a car stuck in the snow, spinning my wheels, splattering muddy slush everywhere, but going nowhere. That's depressing.

But this is where I am. God has made this a time of waiting in my life....even though I'm so busy. This is what God has for me right now. It's okay. God isn't going to judge me for not going halfway around the world, or not being married by the time I turn 30, or not going to college. He only is displeased when I become discontent with what He has chosen for me.

And He's the only Person I need to please.

That's freedom. Smile! :) :) :)


Stay in Focus Photography said...

Wow, Thanks Amber! That's encouraging!! -Katie

Anonymous said...

Praise GOD for the time you can stay at home with me and other siblins. Im kinda glad you havnt left so soon. But just remember, GOD has a purpose for everything in life, and a reason for everything. He already has a perfect man for you picked out. ;)

I love You!!!!
Lezley :)