Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reminders for when other people just don't understand

Hello, lovely readers!

I was just doing some blog reading, and I came across someone commenting on another blog. The topic of the blog post was "how to respond to negativity when living the life of a stay-at-home daughter." This young woman who commented was asking how to respond when all the traditional explanations of your choices simply don't "work," and folks around you keep giving you grief about your decisions.

I couldn't help putting in my two cents, since that topic has been on my mind a lot recently. I don't consider myself part of the stay-at-home-daughters movement, (I follow Christ, not fads or movements!) but I do agree that a woman flourishes and prospers when she choses to submit to the loving authorities God has put in her life, and she is in the center of His design for women when she pursues a life of joyful servanthood,  instead of the wear and tear of a career. (Not to say she can't make money, or pursue her own passions, under God, but she is free from the bondage of being a provider. She can be a joyful help to so many people!)

...And I have been "given grief" about my choices lately, so I really felt for this other young woman. Here is what I wrote to her: 

"I'm sure ____ (the author of the blog) will have some wise words to offer you, but I'd like to share something that a friend used to encourage me just yesterday; "A joyful life baffles them." I was "ranting" to my friend a bit, about someone who had just been very patronizing to me (because I'm still living at home, and I'm not in college), and that's when she reminded me that it doesn't help to respond in our flesh by becoming defensive and feeling like we must explain ourselves to everyone and get their approval. Do we seek to please men, or God? ...Yet it IS hard to constantly be going against the grain. I like to focus on telling people what I AM doing, rather than what I'm NOT doing. Sometimes they are just so stuck in the traditional mode of things that they can't see past that. They see a "non-college" life as a wasted one, because that's what they've been trained to think. They need to have their view renewed, and one way for that to happen is for them to see what your life IS, rather than what it is NOT. Talk about how you serve, your passions, your visions for ways that you want God to use you, the people you help, the skills you are learning (or using at home or to build a home business!), etc. If your life ISN'T full, then I would encourage you to the joyful pursuit of making it so! God has a fullness and an area of service for every girl, and when you are in that role you can truly be joyful. Like my wise friend said, "A joyful life baffles them." :) Blessings!"

I know that a lot of my readers have convictions that are similar to mine. I hope that if you are also struggling with joy, as I was recently, you will find this encouraging. Your life is not about what you choose not to do. You have the world before you. You need only to follow God's rules for your life - His are the only ones that matter.   

Remember, it's not about a "lifestyle". It's not about having the perfect family situation. It's not about knowing how to cook and serve a 10-course meal, or having a certain set of skills. It's not about being "traditional". It's not even (gasp!) about being conservative. (Much as I may like those things.)

It's about a relationship.

It's about knowing God. The Bible says "let him that glorieth glory in this; that he knows ME." (paraphrased, I know!) We need to seek God with all our heart, embrace His plan for our lives, and then be JOYFUL about it!!!  


Elena said...

I like your blog, I am your newest follower.

Amber said...

Welcome, Elena! Thank you for following me. :) Hope you enjoy your time here. :)