Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I need your help!

A little while ago, my sister was viewing this blog on the family computer. Her voice came floating through the hall to my sewing room, where my machine was humming away. "Amber, I thought you didn't allow ads on your site!"

Of course I went at once to see what she meant. An inappropriate ad was in the sidebar of my blog!

But when I bring up this blog on my laptop, everything is fine.

What do you see on your computer? Have I been hacked, or is our family computer having problems?

I need to know, so please comment!


Loree said...

It looks like the normal stuff. nothing inappropriate showing up here.
:) Loree

Jenny P. said...

All I see is vision forum, simply modest, and a generic ad for signing up for swagbucks - but it doesn't have any photos or anything.

Hope you resolve your problem soon!

Sarah said...

I don't see any ads except your button for Simply Modest and Swagbucks. :) Hope you can get it figured out!

Amber said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, ladies! I'm relieved that the problem seems to be isolated to just our computer. ....Hmm, we need to find a way to fix our computer!

I miss talking with y'all. Hope to get back to regular blogging soon!

Kelsey said...

Dear Sweet Amber,
I just thought I would drop you a note to tell you what an encouragement you are. All of the comments you have left on my blog have been so sweet and truly encouraging! I praise God for blog friends like yourself. You seem like such an amazing young lady with a heart for are savior. I personally think you have an amazing gift of encouraging others in there walks with the Lord. Please know Amber you made my day brighter by your sweet words! Now I am off to read the rest of your sweet blog:)

I hope your day is filed with sweet abiding in Him!

Your sister in Christ,

Amber said...

Aw, thank you, Kelsey! I am so excited that you came to visit my blog. Welcome! :) Your encouragement makes me want to get back into regular posting. Maybe I will....:) :) :)