Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm an AUNTIE!!!

Yes, it's true. My darling sister (and my beloved brother-in-law) have given me a nephew! My heart overflows.

New life is exciting, fun, and mysteriously common-place when you become a big sister at 6 or 7.

When a newborn nestles in the grocery cart of a stranger, it's precious.

When friends have babies, it's special, awe-inspiring, and sweet.

When your own sister gives birth to a new human - a physical blend of herself and her husband - a being who has never yet opened his eyes to the light of day before, never been hugged before, and has yet to learn all the amazing things of individual who will one day go to Heaven or hell...a baby who belongs to you by right of love and blood, who fits your hands like two puzzle pieces finding each other...a new life, that has never happened before....

...That, my friends, is beautiful, solitary tear-drop of emotion, suspended in a held breath, and sparkling with billions of reflected rays of possibility. It is joy so sweet the sweetest honey would taste bitter on the tongue in comparison. It is an awe so overcoming that it leaves you powerless.

Byron David

"Oh Lord, I thank You for life! For Your power to create and infuse life into new little bodies! For the construction of the family; that mysterious bond between parents, their offspring, and the third and fourth generations. Thank you for the precious privilege of being an aunt. Thank you for the blessing of living close by my sister and her little family. Thank you for new life in Christ. May this little boy meet You at an early age, and dedicate his life to Your service. Help me lead him to You!"

I knew from the moment Heather married that her first child would be a boy, and that he would be special to me. I was right. I never wavered from predicting a boy when Eugene and Heather told us she was pregnant, and the ultrasound only confirmed it. I could not wait to meet this little fella, and February seemed so far off. He ended up coming early, and since mom and baby both are well and healthy, I'm glad he came early. I was tired of waiting!

He arrived last Sunday night, and has been home for a week and one day now. Life has been a little disrupted, or I would have shared the happy news earlier. But when it's a choice between blogging or holding a baby, where is the contest?

When I held him in my arms for the first time last Monday, I instantly lost my heart to him.

...So...anything exciting happened in YOUR life lately?

Thank You, Jesus!!!


SoulsforChrist7 said...


Ohhhh! That is so exciting! Congratulations. I am going to be a new auntie soon too. My brother and sister-in-law are about 20 weeks pregnant. It is my first time too and I am very excited. They just found out the gender today. :D :D I'd tell you, but they haven't had a chance to announce it to everybody yet. Well enjoy this time with your nephew and I'll look forward to joining in "auntie-dom". :D Have a great week.


Hannah said...


Congratulations to your whole family on the healthy arrival of this little boy sent from the Lord. From one aunt to another, I am excited for you. :)

Jessi said...


This is just so exciting, precious, and beautiful!! Congratulations to all of you, and welcome to Byron!! I look forward to being able to see him in person someday. :) Thanks for posting pictures!:)

Heather said...

Well, let's see....what exciting things have been going on in my life lately? I gave birth to your nephew! :) Yup, that was quite exciting! Actually, my favorite part was when we called everyone to tell you about our little guy and keeping it a secret that I was in labor and at the hospital. :)

Amber said...

Heather, you make me smile. :)

Jessi - I do hope you see him in person someday! :)

Hannah - Thank you, thank you! I'm excited for me, too. :) :)

Amber - Wow! What timing, huh? Congratulations, "aunt"! Hope you enjoy your little nephew or niece as much as I do mine!

Sarah Jane said...

What a perfectly beautiful little boy! Congratulations to the whole family on this wonderful gift from God!

I am still waiting patiently to become an Auntie myself. . .being the oldest sibling sometimes necessitates a long wait when it comes to these sorts of things. . .but I hope that someday the Lord will bless my brothers and my sisters with tiny ones of their own!

Many happy congratulations, again! Enjoy this sweet little boy! :)