Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Dinner

I promise I'll be back soon.

I'm coordinating a couple's dinner, "in honor of love and marriage," at our church this week, on Friday. All the young people will be serving a sit-down, fancy, homemade (well, almost all of it) dinner to the married folks at our church.

We're expecting 36-40 people.


For forty people!!!!
~ 6 dozen rolls
~ Cheesecakes
~ Frosting for a cake
~ Appetizers
Organizing volunteers

So much to do.

I love it, and I'm totally thrilled to be able to praise and honor the godly husbands and wives in our congregation.

But don't expect me to be around for awhile longer. Normal blogging schedule will resume when I recover. :)

Have a splendid week!


ConstitutionGirl said...

You can do it! :) Everyone will appreciate your hard work, my dear Amber Sue. <3

Amber said...

Thanks, girl. :) :) :) I needed that encouragement! Today I realized that I left food out overnight that should have been in the refrigerator, then I cooked the cheese cake too long, and then lots of people who were either going to be guests or come as helpers are getting sick. Yikes!

This morning I was really stressed, but you know what? God is good! It'll all work out. I'm excited! :) :) :)