Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello, dear friends!

I thought about coming into Webland last week, to wish you a merry Christmas, but I didn't think many of you would be visiting my little corner of the web when there were so many other fun things to do... I didn't. But merry Christmas, anyway! I hope you had a lovely one. I had one so lovely that it almost felt too perfect. I savored every minute.

I have shown up to with you a happy New Year, however. Aren't you proud of me? I also must tell you that I have a new blog series in the works that I plan to launch in January - three of the posts are already written. The reason I'm mentioning this is two-fold; one, to encourage you to stick around and not put me on that list of "blogs-to-never-bother-checking-'cause-they-never-update," and, two, because if I tell you about it, I'll have to publish the posts, and I need the motivation to publish. I'm feeling shy about the topic.

F0r those of you who have blogs, do you ever feel nervous about broaching certain topics, or writing certain posts? Are there some that are so intimidating, you've never written them, though you've composed them in your head?

But I'm getting away from my point. This is New Year's Eve. Almost New Year's Day. What are you doing tonight? Are you staying up until midnight? I usually don't...and I wasn't planning on it tonight...but it looks like I might end up doing it just because I haven't caught up on all my computer work yet.

Let me encourage you to take a moment and look back on this past year, before looking forward at 2011. Take some time to discuss the last twelve months with God, and ask Him what He thinks of how you spent them. Thank Him for His blessings. Remember the lessons He taught you. Rejoice in His goodness.

Here are some questions to get your memory kicked into full gear:

~ What was the most challenging month for you this year?
~ Did you make any new friends?
~ Read any new books?
~ What did you write?
~ Did you start a new hobby/work?
~ What new skills did you learn?
~ Where did you travel?
~ Did you have an opportunity to do something you had always wanted to do?
~ Did you conquer any special sins or temptations this year?
~ How much Scripture did you read this year?
~ How many people did you witness to?
~ What were the darkest hours that God brought you through? How did they challenge you, and mature you?
~ How has your family changed this year?
~ Did you smile enough this year? Laugh enough? Work enough?
~ What did you do to bring beauty into your home?
~ What season did you like best this year?
~ Did you try any new foods this year?
~ Has your prayer life grown this year?

Those are just a few random questions to help you get started thinking. It's always good to look back and see where you've been; it helps you get your heart set correctly on where you should go. Besides, it's fun!

Do you have goals for this new year? Would you mind sharing some?


ConstitutionGirl said...

I've many "drafts" that I was not brave enough to publish on my blog, mainly because they seemed too personal. I go back and read them and wish that had, though.

I think I'm going to be branching out more this year with my posts and giving my readers a little more of me personally and not just my thoughts on law politics. I just wrote a post yesterday on my thoughts on the new year. You should hop on over and take a look. :)

Happy New Year!

Rose said...

Well, I tried to comment, but I guess it was too long, and it wouldn't publish it, and when I went to revise it, it was - GONE! - so I am not going to take the time to re-write it all, but I will say one thing - I really enjoy your blog.... keep writing even when the topics are not popular or easy!
Have a smashing New Year!

Amber said...

Sarahbeth - I popped over and left a note on your blog for you. :) Thanks for the encouragement to tackle something I've nervous about. I'm really starting to have second thoughts...but maybe God does want me to publish those post. :)

Rose, I always love how encouraging your comments are! I hope YOU had a lovely New Years. I know I did!!!! :) We got together with extended family on Jan. 1st, and it was such a blessed time. I'm sorry you lost your previous comment; that's SO frustrating, I know! Thanks for at least letting me know you tried. :) :) And thanks again for the encouraging spirit you have. :)

Amanda said...

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I really like that list of questions - I might print them and try to answer them! Although some of them might be a little scary to answer... :-/ You are always good at coming up with thought-provoking things!!
Some of my goals are:
1. Read at least one book per month (I love reading, but it's hard to find time anymore!)
2. Memorize more Scripture
3. Study more music theory and other related things to try to improve my general and teaching skills
4. Recognize all birthdays that I can (BTW, I don't know what yours is! You can just email it to me if you don't want to post it on the world-wide web. :))
These are just a few, but they are a big part of the list, and I have lots of "little" projects, too. :) I hope you have a fruitful and God-blessed 2011!!