Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have a new sewing project...sorta

You know that "basic black dress" that every woman is supposed to own?

I've never had one.

It never really truly bothered me, but I always thought it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Someday. When I got around to it. After all, I hadn't seen that many black dresses that I fell in love with. They all seemed to stiff. Too full. Too tight. Too formal. Too ...not formal. Too not-me.

Until now.

I really like this dress from Shabby Apple.

Of course, being me, I'm not considering buying it. For one thing, little ol' humble me thinks she can improve the design. I want to add a really cowl neck (I have a new black sweater like that, and just love it! I could practically hide my whole head inside the collar, if I lifted it straight up). And I'd also lengthen the hem line, because I don't spend my whole day nicely perched on a rock like that.

But I love the nearly-invisible empire waist. And I love the comfortable-looking fabric. And I love, love, love, the three-quarters length sleeves.

Of course, I really didn't need another sewing project. I still have to finish my quilt.

And fix my skirt (which I made last winter).

And make that other dress (which I didn't plan on making, but I saw the fabric at WalMart - 5 yds for $5 - and who could resist?).

And that shirt. (Another project complements of WalMart inspiration.)

....And that navy blue formal that I just picked up the fabric for this week. (Somebody should warn WalMart to stop having these 1yd/$1 sales.)

That's not to mention the aprons I'm suppose to sew for our website, and the 10 costumes I've been hired to sew before Easter. Plus the Christmas gifts that I decided to make.

No, I really shouldn't make this black dress. Not yet, anyway.

For once I'm gonna listen to my advice, because I have to; I don't have any proper black fabric. And no money in the budget to go out and buy some.

So I'll do what I normally do in such situations;

"God, You see this project. Do you want me to make it? You know I want to make it. But do I need it? I'm no good at decisions, Lord. I want my wardrobe to please You. Dress Your daughter the way You think best. Knowing that I don't need it, but saying that I think it would be a good basic accessory, a wise investment, and perfectly suitable thing for Your daughter to wear...I ask You to give me the fabric to make it. In Your own timing. Whenever You please. Whenever You want me to take the time to make it. Thanks, Lord. You're so wonderful!"

It's so much more fun than going to WalMart.

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